The place where you have your wedding is extremely important in planning your wedding because it will help determine a lot of other factors involved in a wedding. Wedding places can vary from small to big, formal or informal, inside or outside, and of course from the beach to a military base. You may choose to determine your wedding venue before you get your dress, or you may decide to choose a wedding place based on the dress you like. Either of these options will work just fine, but we suggest planning these two things first in order to make the rest of your wedding planning a little bit easier. Below are some more details about your options for wedding venues.

1. A small or big wedding venue

If you want to have a big wedding, then obviously you will need a venue that will accommodate everyone on your guest list. You should have a good idea of how many people you are going to invite when choosing your wedding venue. Many couples choose to each pick 50 guests for the wedding or to each choose 100. If you have a lot of similar friends, however, then you may choose to invite family and then discuss how many additional people you will be inviting.

2. A formal or informal wedding venue

It used to be that all weddings were extremely formal with little exceptions. Nowadays, a lot of people are opting for less formal events in order to save money for themselves and their guests. Informal events can be a little more relaxed and fun. Typically people would choose a farm, garden, barn, or beach for a more relaxed event.

3. Choosing an inside or outside wedding venue

Wedding places can either be inside or outside. Depending on the wedding date and the climate in your area, you will be able to determine exactly what you want. A popular area for outdoor weddings is the west coast. People on the east coast also opt to have them during the spring and summer. Be aware that if you have an outdoor wedding, you will have to deal with other things such as rain, humidity, and pests.

4. Choosing a type of wedding venue

Choosing a specific type of wedding venue is the last step one you have determined all of these other things. You may decide that you really like the idea of a beach wedding. On the other hand, you might really want to go with a rustic barn wedding because of some pictures you have seen or some ideas that you have.