In today’s busy world, it is extremely hard to find the time to hone one’s game of golf whether on the golf course or driving range. Many people find it difficult to spare 2-5 continuous hours to work in 9 to 18 holes. Under such circumstances, what happens if you only have a few minutes to prepare for your round? That is where last minute golf tips come in handy. This article provides a comprehensive overview of some of the most effective last minute golf tips to prepare for your round in a hurry.

First, you need to make an effort to practice with purpose. This helps get the most out of the limited time you have. Focus your attention on the areas where you most need to hone your golf skills. Second, you need to understand that 60% or more of your real golf skills occur when you are within 100-yards of the hole. Practicing the short game such as chipping, pitching and putting are very important to improve your game of golf. Some of the most effective last minute tips include 5-minutes of pre-swing warm up, 5-minutes of pitch shots, 5-minutes of full pitch shots 30 to 60-yards, 10-minutes of full swing and driving, and 5-mimutes of long putts. These are important tips to hone your golf skills to drive the golf ball correctly to the appropriate hole.

golf-83868_1280-1024x680Golf is a game that requires continuous practice to reach perfection. That is why it is essential that you find enough time for necessary practices. But most of us haven’t got the required time for such practice sessions. Most of us are too busy with our day to day activities that we cannot find enough time to hone our important golf skills. That is where the aforementioned last minute tips come in handy.

The biggest thing about succeeding in golf is to be patient. There is a 99% chance that it won’t come easily in the beginning. So, it is best that you enjoy your time playing the game than striving for perfection. The more calm you are, the easier it will be to improve your overall game. The mental component of the game is often neglected by most of the players. That is why the majority of them fail in the game. You must be confident in your abilities and be patient if you want to be a great player in the long run.

golf-880532_1280Golf is a game that you don’t need to be perfect to enjoy. Stay focused on the game and you will improve with time. If you only have 15-minutes before your round, you can use these tips to improve your game of golf. A 5-minute pre-swing warm up, a 3-minute putt on practice, 5-minute Hit 7-iron shots, and 2-minute Hit 3-4 driver shots are the best practice session under such circumstances.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of some of the most important last minute golf tips to improve your game of golf.