A lot of people argue against having a cell site near their homes or in their neighborhoods. If these cell sites are able to help people earn some money off of their land, then why are people so against them? Below are some reasons why people will fight against having a cell tower put up in their neighborhoods.

They ruin the appeal of your neighborhood

nrighborhoodThese days, a lot of the value of your individual home comes from the surrounding homes, land, businesses, and décor. If your neighbors’ homes are ugly or the lawn is not taken care of very well, then that will decrease the amount of money that your home is worth. Additionally, if the neighborhood is loud or unfriendly, then the value of your home will go down. Your neighbors’ homes and behavior can have a significant impact on your home’s value, but so can your other surroundings. If there are a lot of beautiful trees and flowers in your community, then that will increase the value of your neighborhood. If there is a pretty pond with a gazebo and a bridge, a park with a playground, and a sports field near your home then those will significantly increase your house’s value.

Unfortunately, cell towers are not very pretty. In some neighborhoods, the homeowners will try to disguise the cell towers as trees to make them look more natural and beautiful, but even still, the cell sites stand out and are unappealing. Because cell towers are unattractive, they will decrease the value of your home rather than increasing it. As long as you are not the one making money off of that cell tower, you should fight to keep it out of your neighborhood.

Cell towers give off dangerous radiation

I am sure that you have heard by now that cellphones and cellphone towers give off radiation that can cause caner and other health dangers. People are being told to keep their cellphones away from their breasts, out of their front jean pockets, and away from their bodies as much as possible. The same idea goes for cell towers. These towers are a lot more dangerous than cellphones because they give off a lot more radiation waves. Cell sites transmit data to and from a lot of different cellular devices, so you can be sure that having one in your neighborhood can cause nothing but harm to your body and the rest of your neighbors’ bodies.